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About the EVI: Charging Ahead conference

Electric vehicles promise a more sustainable future of transportation, but realising their full potential depends on transforming our infrastructure networks. Delivering on governments' targets for EV adoption requires unprecedented coordination across sectors to optimise charging infrastructure planning, engineering and implementation.

This conference brings together experts from power, transportation and planning to explore holistic infrastructure solutions that rethink how, where and when we charge EVs. Our focus is on the technical challenges that are most urgent and often overlooked.

We will examine the challenges and innovations across our four key themes:

  • Electric Vehicle Charging
  • EV Grid Integration and Power Supply
  • EV Propulsion Systems, including Batteries and fuel cells
  • EV Adoption, Integration, and Impact.
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Who will benefit from attending?

EVI: Charging Ahead is designed for everyone with a professional interest in Electric Vehicle Infrastructure to find solutions collaboratively. This conference is for you if you work in:

  • Energy organisations managing grid development or supply, including utilities, distribution and transmission system operators
  • Electric Vehicle manufacturers
  • EV4S providers
  • Charging system operators and equipment suppliers
  • Fleet operators and EV infrastructure owners
  • Municipal, Local Governments & Local Authorities, with a focus on transport or town planning
  • Transport Electrification or decarbonisation
  • Battery technology development
  • Research or academia, developing any aspect of electric transport technology.

What will you gain:

  • Transform your work in electric vehicle infrastructure. Gain the knowledge, connections and strategies you need to optimise EV charging solutions and overcome organisational barriers.
  • Practical solutions from experts on the frontlines. Hear directly from leaders developing holistic, engineering-driven approaches - come away with best practices you can implement.
  • Network with the right people to accelerate progress. Make connections with speakers, authors and peers tackling the most pressing issues - collaborations formed here can advance the field.
  • Discover fresh ideas that drive innovation. Stay current on the latest research, case studies and technical developments informing the infrastructure revolution.
  • Join a growing community of experts aiming to realise electromobility's potential. Access industry leaders and like-minded professionals working to optimise infrastructure for sustainable transportation.
  • Get equipped to make real progress on your EV infrastructure roadmap. Leave with strategies, insights, and frameworks you can apply within your own context - informed by the issues most urgent and often overlooked.

Join us to catalyse holistic solutions that enable a sustainable mobility future - register now to learn, connect, and collaborate with the leaders energising the EV infrastructure revolution.